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Robert Jr Mukiibi


Robert was born in Uganda Africa, he's Australian resident. In 1997 he gave his life to Christ as His Lord and personal Saviour, he took the role to rear himself in Christ and successfully God shaping him into the man he is today. One key into Robert's development is keeping himself in the word of God and always desires to stay focused on God's calling in his life.

As he grew spiritually he began to desire to know the meaning of being “filled with the Holy Spirit and knowing God on a personal level in each single day of his life”, he began to learn & study towards the teachings of the word of God “The Bible”.

Robert is a "Disciple of Christ, Pastor, Writer, Mentor/Motivational Speaker, Husband and Father.

He is a graduate of Kampala International University (Uganda) with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management. Also he has a Diploma in Theology, and certificate in computer programming & maintenance. He also attended the School of Ministry in Shaftesbury Dorset UK, and Destiny College leadership Glasgow, Scotland. Robert is also a graduate of Central Institute of Technology, East Perth Campus Australia, with qualifications in Resource(mineral) Processing under mining industry.

Over the past years, Robert has served as a youth and associate pastor in various churches in Africa and UK and Australia. During this time, he has been blessed with the opportunity to preach the everlasting gospel of Christ in youths, Women & Men's conferences, church services, workshops, seminars & crusades.

In his walk with God, he’s passionate to lead souls to Christ along the way, so that others can enjoy God’s love as well. Robert’s purpose in life each day for the rest of his life is to serve as a vessel of God's will as he is passionate to make a significant change in many lives who have been heartbroken, hurt, depressed with disappointments, and mistreated through various circumstances of life, and also in the lives of less-fortune children and young people who are in vulnerable state within Africa and across its boarders, seeking out opportunities to help others, and by striving to live as Christ did.

Gracia Mukiibi


Gracia is married to Robert, she's Australian citizen. In 1998, she received Christ as her Lord and personal Saviour and since lived to serve Him in children and youth ministries. Every day she strives to be a woman with the heart of God, by being submissive and obedient to His word.

Her purpose is to live a fulfilled life one that has full potential to serve as a vessel of God. Through her entire journey she endeavours to make a difference in people’s lives so that they could also discover their life purpose.

Gracia thirsts to see children and young people excel to the best of their abilities and beyond challenges they may encounter. She’s a youth motivational speaker and mentor as she goes into schools and conferences inspiring young people to live life with high potential regardless of the circumstances they may have endured in their life’s journey, and she also believes that her generation is the leaders of tomorrow, but they have to start shaping themselves today.

Gracia is a graduate of the University of Wollongong, Australia with Bachelors of Communications and Media Studies/ Bachelors of Commerce.

She completed a double degree in International Media and Communications and Human Resource Management, and currently undertaking her MBAs at Curtin university in Western Australia.

She is a Freelance Journalist, received her qualifications at the age of 16, and she has since written and published numerous articles in local newspaper, state and national magazines on social and youth-related issues including, world peace, inclusion and empowerment of refugees and young people both locally and internationally.

She has worked with several organisations such as HSS (Humanitarian Settlement Services) with newly arrived refugees also volunteering with SCARF (Strategic Community Assistance to Refugee Families) tutoring and mentoring primary school students and a member of the NSW Multicultural Youth Network (MYN). Gracia served as a member of the Illawarra Regional Advisory Committee (IRAC), and has served as member of the NSW Youth Parliament, and a Member of the Wollongong Youth Committee.

She has received countless prestigious awards to mention a few 2008 Pride of Australia Award, 2008-2009 Australian Defence Force Long Tan Leadership and Teamwork Award, 2010 New South Wales Young Volunteer of the Year, 2011 Wollongong Young Citizen of the Year, and she has recently been awarded the Australia’s 2011 Young People’s Human Rights Medal in recognition of her contribution.

Gracia's life imparts many lives and makes valuable contribution in the lives of the less-fortunate. She uses her life experiences as a way to motivate young people in the community to have a positive outlook on life. Gracia’s community work started soon after her arrival in Australia in July 2005 and she is since passionate to help others in any ways she can. She is an altruistic woman of God who strives to better the world around her, sacrifices her time and talents without any expectations or rewards in return for the sake of others. Her motivational workshops, conferences and speeches mainly focus on ‘Belonging, Identity and Purpose’ as a way to educate children, youths and adults from all diverse backgrounds to affirm their identity and to give them tips of how to discover ‘who they are’ in their Godly designed purpose.

Robert & Gracia Mukiibi, are the Founders and Executive-Directors of Voice Of Hope International Ministries Inc, the ministry which is focused to touch and reach lives that have been ignored or shattered by life’s ups and downs. Both believes this is an avenue to advocate for those who have been silenced by poverty, injustice and repressive regimes, they also believes that this ministry gives a voice to those who need to be heard. 

Robert & Gracia, are also the pioneers and leading pastors of Voice of Hope International Church in Clarkson, Western Australian, and Destiny Church Uganda. Gracia is the author of the "Little Recipe To Success", well as Robert is the author of "The Worth of His Cross"

If you would like to have Robert & Gracia to speak/minister in your church service, conference, seminar & workshops of all age-group, please do not hesitate to contact us via:

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