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VOHIC is a non-denominational church that hold to the Biblical values & believes in the Trinity of God, God the father, the Son, and Holy Spirit with relevant Bible teaching programs for all ages and a loving family and community. The church is called Voice of Hope as it proclaims the life changing-supernatural power of the word of God.


A kingdom-minded church that is touching lives through proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is centred on Love, Faith and Hope. We’re a church focused on discipling people, equipping & nurturing leaders, transforming lives, impacting nations and growing community with a passion for God's love.


"Reaching-out to communities, Transforming lives, Impacting nations for God’s glory"

The Church exist to ensure that every man, woman and child has the opportunity of experiencing the miraculous life changing power of the gospel and to provide an environment where one can grow and develop in their Godly given calling, talent and gifting for the kingdom advancement for the glory of God. 

"Bringing hope to the oppressed, and being a voice to the voiceless"


We are a church with a purpose to embrace and communicate the uncompromising Word of God. A church who encourages and nurture people of all ages to walk in their God-given abilities. Hence, dedicating ourselves to loving people of various backgrounds, races, cultures and circumstances by ministering with a heart of compassion, centered on love, faith and hope in all we do. The church runs a number of different ministries in place and the ultimate focus on each of these ministries is to be labourers of the harvest in God’s kingdom.

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