Voice of Hope International 

       Ministries Inc
       "Reaching-out to communities, Transforming lives, Impacting nations for God's glory"

The Genesis Of VOHIM

The Genesis Of VOHIM

Voice of Hope Int'l Ministries Inc., founded by Robert and Gracia Mukiibi aims to enrich lives after they discovered that due to increasing deaths of people as a result of HIV/AIDS, natural disasters, chronic illness, poverty, wars and political insecurities, people’s lives have been dictated and shattered by these factors. Also, due to family breakdowns and unplanned pregnancies, so many children have been left vulnerable with nobody to support and care for them. Others are faced with extreme poverty and conflicts beyond their control which forces them to become homeless and helpless, hence, ending up living miserable lives.

During the past decade Robert and Gracia have been a helping hand and a voice for the voiceless as they have implemented clean water facilities, feeding the hungry, paying tuition fees for vulnerable individuals, providing shelter to the homeless, counselling singles and young couples; empowering, mentoring and equipping leaders from different parts of the world. As a result, they saw a need to establish this organisation so that many more lives can be reached-out, transformed and impacted.