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Mentorship & Couselling

We hold social activities, talent and skills development, mentorship, self-esteem workshops, personal and social skills and counselling for individuals and groups under the "Destined to Reign workshops". Our emphasis is distinctive and lasting as we explore topics including at topics including purpose, vision, goals setting, honour, fatherhood, marriage, parenting, courtship and so much more. We equip individuals to become effective members and leaders of society; discover their full potential live purpose-driven lives. Those who have participated in “Destined to Reign” workshops have found it to be a significant experience as their lives have been impacted and transformed for the better. We welcome you to come be a part of these life-changing moments!

Robert and Gracia Mukiibi have run a number of these sessions through organisations like Evangelism Explosion (EE) and other youth-based organisations both in Australia and overseas. Leadership workshops to equip and mentor leaders have been conducted in various countries including Malawi, Fiji, Vanuatu, and Uganda. VOHIM develops the training manuals which are used together with the book titled ‘A Little Recipe for Success, Rise above Your Challenges’. Both Robert and Gracia are available as guest speakers, motivational speaks or workshop coordinators.

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