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We are excited to come together every Sunday to worship God and fellowship together.

Come join us from 10:30 AM

We are kingdom-minded people – Jesus is the King, and we belong to God’s Kingdom. We agree that the Kingdom of Heaven is the rule and dominion of Jesus on earth. We are honoured as kingdom citizens to partner with heaven in releasing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, Matt 6:10. As His church, we have the privilege of bringing the good news of Jesus to nations, tribes, and tongues, so everyone has the opportunity to experience the redemptive work of the Kingdom. We believe that Jesus' people release the redemptive nature of the Kingdom everywhere they go because, as followers of Jesus, the Kingdom is within us, Luke 17:21. 

We are Relational – people-centred, not building-centred, Responsible – everyone has an assignment. No consumers, Reformational – the church sees changed lives, changed families, changed communities.

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