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VOHIM Int. Colleges

The Vision of Voice of Hope Colleges is to ensure that 10 all-girls colleges (each providing both primary and secondary education) are built across 10 low income African & Asian nations. This project aims to educate at least 30,000 girls at primary and secondary level on a yearly basis once all 10 schools are established with each school having the capacity to accommodate 300 primary and secondary school students.

The mission of Voice of Hope International Colleges is to advance the status of women in Africa through education

The main goal is to increase the rate of young women completing primary and secondary education and to help create equality and reduce poverty in the process.

Statement of the problem: Due to the high rate of female illiteracy in the world, caused by many factors such as discrimination, physical, social, cultural environments and financial difficulties, many girls have been left without any options for financial support other than marriage or prostitution.

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