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Voice of Hope International Ministries (VOHIM) is a non-profit organisation reflecting the values of love and compassion, instituted on morals, spiritual and holistic well-being enrichment of vulnerable lives. Our mission is to reach-out to communities, transform lives, and impact nations for God's glory hence giving hope to the hopeless and enabling individuals to reach their full potential. Being a voice for the voiceless and empowering people to be set free “From bondage to Freedom” and from the various cycles of devastation, thus enabling them to live a purpose-driven life.

VOHIM is a registered charity and our primary focus is to provide benevolent relief to people living in extreme poverty and hopelessness in poorer countries around the world as well as provide spiritual guidance and enrichment. 

VOHIM opens its arms to people in communities across the globe whose living conditions are being traumatized, and helping them to "push on" through the "struggles" in opposition to their environment, in order for them to reach their full potential!

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