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Child Sponsorship Program

Children sponsorship program is run through organisations we trust, and are affiliated with Hope Kidz, Samuel’s Kids Ministry in Uganda Africa, and Vision of Hope Children’s Network in Sierra Leone, Africa. VOHIM works hand in hand with these charities as with many other organisations in various low-income countries to source donors and sponsors in order provide financial support. 

Hope Kidz founded by Grace Nakirya assists street kids and orphans. The Coordinator regularly follows up with schools to ensure that the children are performing well and are attending classes. Also, due to the various hardships and difficulties some of these kids undergo prior to joining Hope Kidz, this organisation provides drugs, aids and prevention awareness programs to help children rise above their challenges. 

Samuel’s Kids Ministry is a faith based charity dedicated to working with orphan children, families, and their communities nationwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty, injustice and HIV/AIDS. They serve all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. 

Hope Children’s Network provides access for street and less fortunate children to be involved in projects and activities, such as music, games and sport so that they can discover their potential and network with other young people.

VOHIM endeavors to reach-out to and impact the lives of over 150 children and youths from poorer African and Asian countries. Currently, we have over 120 children who need sponsorship. Our goal by the year 2030 is to have at least 2000 vulnerable children and young people in developing countries to be covered under this program. VOHIM welcomes individuals, charities, Christian organisations, and business corporations to join us in making a difference and reach-out to these vulnerable lives.

Help us continue to change the lives of these vulnerable children with a one-time or regular donation of the following amounts or an amount of your own choosing.

School fees for a child in Primary School: 

AU$ 350- Sponsor a child for one school term

AU$ 1050 - Sponsor a child for a full academic year

School fees for a child in High School:

AU$ 480 - Sponsor a child for one school term

AU$1,440 - Sponsor a child for a full academic year

NB: "They're 3 academic terms in a year for both Primary and High school, (they're 3months in a term).

Tuition fees for College/University:

1 Year Certificate course AU$ 450

2 Years Diploma course AU$ 550 per semester ( 2 Semeters in a year)

3 Years Degree course AU$ 1500 per semester (2 Semesters in a year)

Your donate will make a signifiacant impaact into these volunarable lives, for any suport please you use the bank details belows:

Account Name: Voice of Hope International Ministries

BSB: 086-412

A/C NO: 97-044-9730

Ref: Child sponspor 

For further details, please write to Thank you for your support!

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