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Clean Water Project

Clean Water Project:

Due to the large percentage of people living in Africa and Asia, many do not have access to safe and clean water. Leading many to suffer from sickness and death due to water borne diseases and others travel long distances and from community to community in search of water.

Also, moving forward VOHIM work collaboratively with MAAMA Africa Ministries. MAAMA Africa founded by Winnie Kyewalabye works primarily to rescue, rehabilitate, empower and reconcile street children with their families. Additionally, this organisation speaks out for children at risk - informing, motivating and equipping local families and communities to promote positive change in the Ugandan society. One of the many projects they undertake is The Clean Water project which they’ve been able to assist many families in need.

Lack and limited access to clean and safe water is critical human rights concern. Children end up foregoing school in search of clean and safe water, a basic human right which is essential to life.

Our aim is to source adequate supplies of drinking water as a way to improve health and bettering the standards of living. An urgent project to initiate clean water is the provision of taps, piped wells or bore holes across African nations where there's the greatest need. The cost to implement a clean water tap various from country to country and communities alike, the approximate cost is AU$600 per tap.

A total amount of AU$18,000.00 is needed to be raised for 2017 Clean Water Project mission-trip to enable us install up to 30 taps, piped wells or bore holes in the most vulnerable communities who are affected by water borne diseases due to lack of access to clean water in countries including Uganda, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Malawi, Congo, Indonesia, India and many more other nations. 

One water tap is able to cater for more than 30 families in a community and hence transforming the wellbeing of individuals and communities significantly.

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